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Lavandin grosso Collection

Hand-Harvested & Distilled in 2020

(Videos Below)


Over the summer we reunited with Beekman & Beekman Apiary and Farm to harvest and distill their gorgeous Lavandin grosso (a Lavender hybrid). For five generations, the Beekmans have lived in harmony with nature. Originally a dairy farm, the California family business evolved into an apiary dotted by majestic Lavender fields, creating a bee's paradise in their land of milk and honey.


We've distilled their various Lavenders and Lavandins over the years, and we're so excited to share with you our latest treasures from their organic 2020 Lavandin grosso crop.


We invite you to join Scott as he hand-harvests and distills the 2020 Lavandin grosso and then experience the freshly distilled essential oil and hydrosol through our limited offering.


Videos: Harvest & Distillation

To watch Scott hand-harvest the 2020 Lavandin grosso, please click here. Then click here to watch him distill it.


Nature's panacea. Soothe bug bites and stings along with minor burns, cuts, and blemishes. Wear as a calming natural perfume while also sanitizing the skin. Add to a diffuser to create a relaxing ambience while cleaning the air around you.


A co-product of the distillation, this lightly aromatic water contains water-soluble components of the plant, including skin-calming carboxylic acids. Spritz around your face to delight your senses and refresh your skin throughout the day.


Our founder, Carole and her husband Scott, who have distilled essential oils together from California to Morocco over the past 19 years have released this Lavandin aroma sensory journey from their private reserve. They hand harvested and distilled these Lavandins at an organic farm in California.


Lavandin grosso, a hybrid of Lavenders (Lavandula angustifolia x Lavandula latifolia), has some of the sweetness of True Lavender with a fresh, camphoraceous tang all its own. Each Lavandin variety smells a bit different, and each year's harvest plays an important role in the final aroma.