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Essential Oils in 5 mL Bottles

Vetiver & Patchouli Essential Oils (new & aged)


Vetiver & Patchouli are reminders that beauty becomes richer with age. While most essential oils devolve as time goes by, these two evolve into sublime treasures.

We are brimming with excitement to offer then & now versions of Vetiver & Patchouli essential oils. In the heart of Indonesia, artisan farmers harvested and distilled Low Pressure Vetiver & Patchouli as a 2021 custom order for us. We have been letting it rest, and it is finally ready to send out to you! There are some unique green notes to appreciate as a symbol of the fresh distillations. As a special gift, we are opening up our archives to share some Vetiver & Patchouli that we have been aging since 2007. During a time when Carole and Scott were working with USAID on Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Projects, Scott was visiting Vietnam to assess the Lemongrass fields. While there, he met with some locals who had just brought back Vetiver & Patchouli from India. We are delighted to offer you then & now versions of these special oils from neighboring regions so you can compare the aromas, colors, and textures as they are seasoned by time.


Vetiver pours from the bottle as thick as honey yet rubs into the skin, leaving behind a softness as velvety as its aroma. This magical essential oil is distilled from the roots of a tall grass that grows in places like Indonesia, India, Java, Madagascar, Haiti, and El Salvador, with each region producing its own unique color, texture, and aroma. Vetiver roots stretch vast distances, smelling their way through the underground world and synthesizing their discoveries into aromatic brilliance. The roots are celebrated for myriad purposes, beyond essential oil distillation. They are used pragmatically to help prevent erosion in the wet terrains of their native regions. They are also crafted into lovely baskets as well as mats & window shades to keep tropical homes cool. Adding water to the woven roots releases the earthy and seemingly everlasting scent. The basket shown in the photo is 25 years old and still has a distinct vetiver aroma.

Vetiver essential oil is one of the most important notes in perfumery. This base note has a soft and almost powdery earthiness that adds depth to any blend. Emotionally grounding, it is the perfect tonic to calm the senses and bring us into the present moment as though we've just planted our feet in the earth.


Patchouli is a botanical whose world travels are as rich and complex as its aroma. Visions of dancers swirling their shawls at Woodstock come to mind upon the first whiff of this unmistakable aroma, yet exotic, Patchouli-scented shawls made their debut a century earlier. Patchouli has been embedded in the fabric of Indian Cashmere (Kashmir) shawls since the 1800's when Frenchmen like Napoleon first brought them back to their beloveds. Romantic stories of Napoleon and Josephine abound, and Patchouli-scented shawls were ever present within those tales. Patchouli and Cashmere shawls were two important signatures of India, and they became synonymous with exotic elegance by the French who brought them back. Ironically, Patchouli was widely used in India during this time to repel moths from destroying their fine fabrics, yet it became a statement of enchanted faraway lands. It became such a fascination among European nobility that French merchants began to scent inauthentic versions of the shawls with Patchouli to cash in on the craze, as one of Carole's mentors, the legendary Mandy Aftel, describes in her inspirational book, Essence and Alchemy: A Natural History of Perfume.