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Bundle Includes Foaming Hand & Body Wash (aroma of your choice: 250 ml) + Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer (30 ml)

Hand Care Essentials

A Nourishing Bundle to Support your Hands

A collection of Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer and Foaming Hand & Body Wash to purify and nourish your skin throughout the day. Choose from 3 essential oil based aromas to delight the senses. Complement cooking aromas as you wash your hands in the kitchen and transform cleansing into spa-like rituals in the bathroom.


A luxurious foaming hand and body wash to cleanse and nourish skin. Vibrant aromas tickle the senses, while rich oils of olive and coconut restore moisture. Transform the simple acts of hand washing, showering, and bathing into a spa-like experience with this cleansing ritual.



Tangy and uplifting…like holding a fresh cut bouquet of zesty herbs in the rain. Perfect for hand washing in the kitchen to refresh your hands and complement cooking aromas.



Rugged sophistication…like the juxtaposing Mistral winds of Provence, blowing in with wild force to maintain the order of this magical French terrain. A beautiful hand wash for the bathroom to delight your senses throughout the day.



Crisp and warm at once…like walking through mountain trails at first light. An invigorating body wash in the shower for a spa-like experience, where steam and forest aromas mingle with each cleansing breath. A forest bathing inspiration.


Aroma with a purpose. Essential oils do the heavy lifting so your hands aren’t weighed down by synthetic fragrances. Keep germs away, delight the senses with refreshing essential oil aromas, and give your hands some love with soothing aloe vera and hydrating glycerin.


Here’s what our standard has always been:

  • Antiviral essential oil blend of Lavender, Pine, & Orange
  • Refreshing aroma for you and those around you
  • Moisturizing Aloe Vera & Glycerin
  • Antiseptic Ethanol (CDC-compliant at 63%)