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Lavandin grosso
Artisan Collection from 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2020
Explore our vintage release of Lavandin grosso essential oil.
Organic, hand harvested, and locally distilled, this collection is a true vertical, representing harvests from 2007, 2008, and 2009. Now featuring our newest distillation, 2020.


Collection Includes:

  • Lavandin grosso - 2007 | 5 ml
  • Lavandin grosso - 2008 | 5 ml
  • Lavandin grosso - 2009 | 5 ml
  • Lavandin grosso - 2020 | 5 ml
  • Organic cotton bee inspired travel bag


Beyond appreciating the differences of each aroma, you can incorporate these beauties into your daily rituals to: calm the mind, relieve minor skin irritations (from blemishes to bites and stings), keep germs at bay, and soothe your senses. Be transported back in time with this special release.


Our founder, Carole and her husband Scott, who have distilled essential oils together from California to Morocco over the past 19 years have released this Lavandin aroma sensory journey from their private reserve. They hand harvested and distilled these Lavandins at an organic farm in California.

Experience the different aroma nuances, reflective of each year's unique environmental conditions. Like wine, coffee, and chocolate, each of these Lavandins has a story to tell about its year in the field.

Lavandin grosso, a hybrid of Lavenders (Lavandula angustifolia x Lavandula latifolia), has some of the sweetness of True Lavender with a fresh, camphoraceous tang all its own. Each Lavandin variety smells a bit different, and each year's harvest plays an important role in the final aroma.

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