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Parfums des Chocolats

Artisan Collection of Chocolate Perfumes

Experience a collection of three roll-on Parfums on a bed of roasted Cacao nibs in an artisanal Cinnamon Box.


A perfect gift for chocolate connoisseurs, this is no ordinary box of chocolates. Each organic alcohol-based perfume contains a decadent dose of Cacao Absolute, a rare aromatic treasure. While many Cacao Absolutes have an earthy mushroom note, this exquisite batch is a rarity. Its smooth, sweet aroma is simply mouthwatering. Like warm melted chocolate. We wanted to create a collection that captured the luscious essence of this rare gem while it lasts!


Luscious Blend Trio for external use only


Eau de Chocolat

Cacao Absolute in Alcohol Base


Eau de Chocolat Épice

Cacao Absolute and Essential Oils of Sweet Orange and Black Pepper in Alcohol Base


Eau de Chocolat Menthe

Cacao Absolute and Essential Oil of Peppermint in Alcohol Base


Apply to pulse points where the warmth of your skin will bring out the richness of the aroma. Delight in chocolate three ways...


Collection Includes:

  • Eau de Chocolat | 5 ml
  • Eau de Chocolat Épice | 5 ml
  • Eau de Chocolat Menthe | 5 ml
  • Custom-made Cinnamon Treasure Box filled with roasted Cacao nibs