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Soothing Ritual Collection

Sensitive Skincare Trio in custom-made Travel Bag


Calming self-care for all life travelers, especially those who are sensitive to the elements. Nourishing, anti-inflammatory, protective skin food. Infused with essential oils to calm redness and irritation.



Mist face with the Hydrosol Tonic after cleansing to tone and balance the pH of the skin, morning and evening. Mist throughout the day as desired to refresh and revitalize the senses. Take a few deep breaths, allowing the aroma to treat your senses as the hydration pampers your skin.



Massage 1-2 pumps of the Serum into hydrated skin to restore your glow from the inside out. Pat onto clean, hydrated skin, and then follow with gentle circular motions, working your way towards the hairline and down the neck to activate lymphatic drainage and restore a glow from the inside out. Apply morning and evening after misting with Hydrosol Tonic and skin is still dewy.



Roll the Soothing Wand to calm irritation on areas of skin that you want to pamper with soothing and calming oils. Apply after serum morning and evening.

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