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Where Simple Meets Luxury

We combine old world soap making traditions with modern methods to bring you a cleanser created with oil and water, not chemicals. Rich oils of olive and coconut nourish your skin while keeping the product pure and simple. Essential oils add aroma with a purpose…fragrant and mood enhancing, powered by the intelligence of plants.

Create the Ritual

Apply 1-3 pumps in wet hands for a rich, aromatic lather. Take a few deep breaths to connect with the aroma and appreciate the gift of self-care as you wash your hands and body. Rinse with warm water to activate aroma. Lock in the aroma and nourish your hands with the Forest Sanctuary Rejuvenating Body Oil.

Our Product Integrity

Premium single-origin essential oils ethically sourced.

30 years of aromatherapy experience with each formulation.

Made with intention to support you on your journey.

Key Ingredients

Scotch Pine

Be rejuvenated by this fresh pine that grows in a forest sanctuary.


This sweet, rich, and balsamic resin has a vanilla-like softness and a palpable warmth.

Balsam Fir

This balsamic absolute has a jammy, berry-like sweetness that adds depth & brightness.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Moisturizing & Mesmerizing

I absolutely love this hand wash. My hands always feel so clean and moisturized, and the forest aroma is especially perfect for the holidays, though I love using it year-round.