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Sent By Scent

Harness the power of vibrant essential oils & absolutes to bring you into the present moment. Experience mental, physical, and emotional well-being at your fingertips.

Glow From the Inside Out

Nurture your skin with rich, emollient botanicals of Calendula, Rose Geranium & Heirloom Roses from the Nomad Estate Garden. Reveal your own natural radiance with each luxurious drop of this serum-like anointing oil & treat your senses to sacred scents.

Honor Your Sacred Space

Rose, Sandalwood, and Frankincense create the foundation of a scentscape that is grounding & elevating at once... Be transported to your sacred space by botanicals revered across cultures, throughout time.

Best Sellers

Rejuvenate Your Body, Mind & Soul On-The-Go

Enhance your journey with 5 functional perfumes...aromatherapy blends to energize, diminish worries, ground, recharge & lull you into restful sleep.

Refresh Your Home Sanctuary

Transform your home into an aromatic sanctuary while also cleaning the air with gorgeous essential oils.

Solstice in Provence


Join us for a botanical perfume retreat in Provence this summer.

Solstice In Provence


A Botanical Perfume Retreat in the South of France.

Our Roots

Vibrant botanicals, including authentic essential oils, impart their aromas along with their vital life force into each drop.

Premium single-origin essential oils, absolutes, carrier oils, and other botanicals are ethically sourced.


Our Founder Carole infuses her expertise with plant chemistry into each product to create poignant aromas, textures, and results.


Each product is formulated and packaged with artistry and care. Gift wrapping and personalized enclosures are our gift to you.