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Our Values

Values That Guide Us

Since our company’s inception, the Bee has been our North Star. We chose the Bee as our mascot for what it symbolizes and the way it lives its life cultivating community and cross-pollinating. We live and breathe in the plant world at Nomad Botanicals, and we know that plants have the greatest strength and character when they are able to thrive in an environment of diversity vs. monoculture. This concept helps us navigate the choices we make from ingredient selection to the artisans and customers with whom we work.


We support organic agriculture through the essential oils, hydrosols, and other botanical ingredients we purchase as well as through our partnership with our local Farmers Market, both as a donor and vendor. We choose to invest in artisans who custom make organic cotton bags for us both locally and abroad, because of their commitment to Fair Trade practices. We also support the transformation of sustainable cinnamon bark into everlasting keepsake boxes, fostering an indigenous community to thrive by economizing the natural resources around them.


Our small company of five people shares personal values in giving back to the community through our volunteer efforts with various mentorship programs. We are committed to cultivating diversity in our company culture just as we are in our botanical products. As we grow our team, we will do so with diversity as a priority.


Just as our Bee mascot represents diversity in nature, our company name was inspired by the enrichment we gain as people from Nomad experiences. Learning about other cultures, honoring their history, and sharing their legacy with the world are at the heart of the Nomad spirit. Our product themes and wellbeing rituals reflect our respect and appreciation for cultures around the globe.


We are grateful for the diverse cultures that bring us the botanicals we use in our products from six of the seven continents, including places in Morocco and Viet Nam where we have worked on location with USAID projects benefitting indigenous communities with the impact of their native medicinal and aromatic plants. We are also grateful for our local artisans and customers, and we are committed to contributing to a better world by promoting even more diversity in our work day by day.


With all of our best intentions in creating and cultivating a company that makes conscious and sustainable choices, we understand that we can always do better with each day. When we began Nomad Botanicals, we had a short-term and a long-term dream around giving back. In the short-term, as we focus on growing as a business, we are committed to contributing to our ecosystem through the sustainable ingredients and packaging we use. Our long-term dream is to support community projects like urban gardens for people who live away from nature or don’t have the resources to bring vibrant, nutritional, fresh fruits and vegetables into their kitchens. We will continue to do the next right thing as we grow, so that we can do more for our community and live the change we want to see in the world.