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10 mL

Replenishing Ritual

Lightening Wand


Minimize the appearance of dark spots on the face with the wave of your Lightening Wand topped with a green aventurine sphere.


Sandalwood is not just an essential oil that smells divine, it also has potent skincare benefits, including the lightening of dark spots on the skin. Testimonials have poured in from people singing the praises of Sandalwood’s ability to offer more even skin tone with the reduction of dark spots. Carrot Seed oil is noted for its regenerative properties on the skin and the liver, which are tied together. Lavender harmonizes the blend to restore balance to the skin and to brighten the aroma. Celebrated across cultures and throughout centuries for its ability to open the heart, Rose Absolute adds a touch of magic and aromatic bliss to the accord. The blend is nestled in Jojoba oil, so it is as lightweight as the very sebum produced by your own skin. Celebrated as a stone of renewal, the Green Aventurine sphere on your bottle is the perfect agent to deliver this blend to the skin that you cherish.


Apply to dark spots on the face, morning and evening, after cleansing and toning. For best results, and to lock in the benefits, apply the Replenishing Serum after the Lightening Wand elixir has soaked in.


Jojoba Oil-golden; Essential Oils of Sandalwood, Carrot Seed, Lavender; Rose Absolute.

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