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Nomad Botanicals Wild Mistral Revitalizing Body Oil surrounded by lavender buds
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Wild Mistral


Capture the essence of an effortless day enjoying countryside sunshine in the South of France with the new Wild Mistral Revitalizing Body Oil. This lightweight formula is infused with a botanical fragrance accord to capture the timeless beauty of Provence.

Refresh the senses with Lavender, Cypress, Rosemary, Peppermint, and Sweet Orange, while also offering a layer of protection via the antimicrobial qualities of these essential oils. Absolutes of Hay, Lavender, and Beeswax bring warm honey-like notes to gently soften the bright herbal accord. Like the legendary Mistral wind lifting the sweet fragrance of Provence as it blows by, may your inner force of nature awaken as you revitalize your skin and your senses with this new daily ritual.


Be transported to a luxurious French spa experience by incorporating it into your bath or shower bathing ritual, or simply apply it all over your body like a second skin before you dress.


Mistral wind is a vital part of the climate and terrain of Provence. Translating to "Masterly" wind, it is a force of nature, indeed. Blowing in with wild abandon, Mistral wind makes its presence known through its strong force, temperature changes, and ability to bring in snow & rain, while still leaving a magical gift behind. It literally clears the air of dust and transforms skies into clear blue invitations for sunshine to peek through. While other parts of France are clouded, Provence is a unique place for fields of Lavender, Hay, and Bees to thrive, thanks to Monsieur Mistral. Inspired by these special winds, may your Wild Mistral Revitalizing Body Oil illuminate your journey this summer!


Sunflower Oil*, Jojoba Oil*; Essential Oils of Lavender*, Rosemary*, Cypress*, Sweet Orange*, Peppermint*; Absolutes of Hay, Lavender, and Beeswax; Elderberry Fruit Extract; Vitamin E (D-alpha tocopheryl acetate, soybean oil, tocopherol); Rosemary Extract^; (*organic; **virgin organic, ^CO2 extract).

First of All, Wild Mistral

The experience of applying Wild Mistral Revitalizing Body Oil is as luscious as the glow it shares with your skin. This first layer of summer clothing offers a protective sheath from pathogens, an aromatic treat for the senses, and an instant glow on skin.

Create the Ritual

Place a few drops of the Revitalizing Body Oil into the palms of your hands and rub them together. Cup your hands over your nose and breathe deeply, taking in the blissful vibes of Provence. Apply the lightweight golden oil all over your body to harness your glow, refresh your senses, and offer a whisper of aroma that inspires people to want to get closer to you.

Our Product Integrity

Premium single-origin essential oils ethically sourced.

30 years of aromatherapy experience with each formulation.

Made with intention to support you on your journey.

Key Ingredients

Top Notes

Peppermint & Orange. Cool and refreshing like a gentle summer breeze.

Middle Notes

Lavender, Rosemary & Cypress. Vibrant and full of life force.

Base Notes

Beeswax & Hay. Warm like the summer sun creating a glow all around you.

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