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3 Ways to Transform Your Daily Life with Lavender

Purple majesty abounds this time of year in Provence, Bulgaria, the Pacific Northwest, Sonoma County, and countless other places around the world fortunate enough to be surrounded by blooming Lavender and Lavandin (a hybrid cross between Lavenders). There are almost as many bee wings as Lavender buds on each plant in the height of its bloom. A pollinator’s paradise! 

Lavender reminds us of the fleeting nature of seasonal bounty. The budding stems stand tall, waving in the wind like purple magic wands, for just a few short weeks before they bid farewell. They remind us to live in the moment and appreciate the fragrance, colors, and vital life force of these botanical gems while they are thriving. 

Lavender (and its myriad Lavandin hybrids) certainly are magical plants, from their healing benefits to their very namesake color. The color purple has been celebrated throughout time and cultures for its unique vibrancy. Throughout antiquity, it was prized as the color of royalty, because it is one of the rarest pigments to come by in nature. The royals procured the pigment for their textiles and wares as a symbol of rare beauty. In various spiritual traditions, purple is regarded as a color of enlightenment. In many meditation practices, it is acknowledged as the color of the seventh chakra (the crown chakra), which is considered the highest spiritual center of the seven chakras. Even amethysts, in their purple radiance, are associated with spiritual awareness and transformation.

Growing out of our very earth in this regal, spiritual, transformational color, Lavender certainly knows how to captivate our attention. It has stood the test of time across the globe as an agricultural marvel, not only because of its beautiful, sensorial glory, but also because of its personality as a true panacea. It is perhaps the single most important essential oil to have with you at all times for the benefits it can impart upon your body, mind, and emotions.


3 Ways Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) and Lavandin Hybrids Can Transform Your Daily Life

3 Ways Lavender and Lavandin Can Transform Your Daily Life

1. Burns, Bites, and Blemishes

The healing benefits of Lavender on burns became famously appreciated when René- Maurice Gettefossé burned his hand badly in a perfumery lab in 1910. Dunking his hand in the nearest vat of liquid (Lavender), he serendipitously discovered the healing benefits of Lavender as his burn healed exceptionally well. Testimonials abound with minor burn stories where Lavender saved the day, from kitchen burns to sunburns.

Lavender or Lavandin both take the sting and itching out of minor bug and insect bites almost right away.

Lavender or Lavandin also both zap blemishes away. By the time a blemish is visible on the skin, it is often due to a secondary infection. The antimicrobial properties of Lavender/Lavandin treat those minor infections and help dry up the area, sometimes overnight. Dabbing some on at the first tingle of a blemish will often keep it at bay, as well. 

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Lavender, German Chamomile, and Blue Tansy dance together in our Soothing Ritual Soothing Wand. Vanish away minor skin irritations with the wave of the Soothing Wand. The Lavender and Helichrysum waters in our Soothing Ritual Hydrosol Tonic calm sunburns and minor irritations.


3 Ways to Transform Your Daily Life Using Lavender Essential Oil

2. Hygiene

The word Lavender is derived from the Latin word lavare, which means “to wash”. Indeed, Lavender and its Lavandin hybrids are nature’s disinfectant. Both have antimicrobial and antiviral properties, and Lavender has added antifungal properties. Having a bottle of Lavender/Lavandin around for minor cuts and overall sanitizing is an easy way to keep germs from ganging up on you.

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Lavender is one of the key ingredients in our Hand-in-Hand Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer. The travel-size spray bottle is perfect to keep in your purse, backpack, or pocket while on the go! When close to a sink, cleanse with our Wild Mistral Foaming Hand and Body Wash, inspired by the Mistral winds that blow through Provence and help to foster the perfect terroir for Lavender.


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3. Calm and Restful Sleep

Lavender is even more effective than Lavandin when it comes to calming and restful sleep. While both Lavender and Lavandin contain esters that relax the central nervous system, True Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) essential oil surpasses Lavandin in its ability to induce deep relaxation, due to its content of coumarins.

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Treat yourself to a bedtime ritual with NEST Aromatherapy Blend and to an at-home spa experience with our Soothing Ritual Collection, enhanced by an Amethyst Facial Roller. The calming aromas of Lavender, German Chamomile, and Everlasting in the Soothing Ritual Serum will calm your skin as much as your mind as you drift off into sweet dreams. Mist your face and your pillow with the Soothing Ritual Hydrosol Tonic before you close your eyes.

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