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This Secret Ingredient May Be Your Sunshine

Carole's Orange Colored Glasses

The sweet smell of happiness. The smell of childhood, freshness, and all four seasons. The candy-like sweetness of Orange slices after running through the sprinklers on a hot summer day. The feeling that home has just been transformed by a spring cleaning when Orange diffuses through the air. A warm cup of hot apple cider brightened with a simple Orange twist. Holiday pomanders of Sweet Oranges adorned with clove buds, where zest meets spice. A versatile and refreshing burst of sunshine welcome almost anywhere, anytime.

A powerhouse in its own right, Sweet Orange essential oil has antiviral properties from its high concentration of limonene, the backbone of its plant chemistry. Like a natural medicine with a built-in spoonful of sugar bliss! As a botanical perfumer and aromatherapy formulator, Sweet Orange is among my most treasured aroma notes, adding sparkle to almost any accord. It is practically perfect even on its own. A traveling companion to delight you as much as others, as it conjures images of freshness and familiarity, while also offering protection from the elements. Perfume with a purpose. I have a crush on orange! I hope you will delight, also, in the simple magic of this uplifting botanical. 

With Vibrant Wishes,


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