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Botanical Perfumery Pop-Up

BottleRock Weekend at Honey Whiskey Boutique in Napa, California


We invite you to step into an aromatic sanctuary to recharge as you experience the festivities of BottleRock in Napa! Our pop-up at Honey Whiskey Boutique will feature a botanical perfume blending bar, where you will explore three different sanctuaries in nature and create a perfume, based on the one that resonates with you most!


Rejuvenate in a Forest Sanctuary | Refresh Your Senses with a Twist | Relax in Lavender Bliss


Be transported to your aromatic sanctuary whenever you wear the perfume you created.


This pop-up is lead by our Founder, Carole Addison-Goyne, who has been working with medicinal and aromatic plants for the past 29 years, from distilling essential oils and creating products to sharing the wonders of perfumery and aromatherapy in classes and seminars throughout the country (see below for more details about Carole).


Your Botanical Perfume Journey Details

  • Date and Time: Saturday, May 28th from 11am - 5pm
  • Location:  Honey Whiskey Boutique ~ 1300 1st St #335, Napa, CA 94559
  • Treasures to Take Home: A botanical perfume that you create in store (10 mL roll-on bottle in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil)
  • No reservations required. Walk-ins welcome.


Our Nomad Botanicals Founder, Carole, has been in the botanical perfumery and aromatherapy field for more than 25 years. Early on, she set off to become a perfumer after being inspired by one of her original mentors, Meg DeWeese. She studied chemistry in preparation for her dream of attending the prestigious perfume school, ISIPCA in Versailles. After visiting the school and delving deeper into the field, Carole discovered that while she was enticed by the romance of becoming an official "Nose" by following a traditional perfumery path, her true passion existed in the world of botanical essences vs. synthetic ones. Carole embraced this change of direction and was fortunate to study with world renowned mentors along her path. She apprenticed and worked with Kurt Schnaubelt for years and eventually taught aromatherapy certification classes with him. Carole was also influenced by the pioneering botanical legacy of Horst Rechelbacher during her 15-year tenure as an executive with Aveda. She has journeyed through a Natural Perfumery Certification with Mandy Aftel and is honored to share Mandy's legendary natural perfume concepts with you!


We invite you to journey with us through the enchanting realm of scent. Aromatic botanicals have been revered across cultures throughout the ages as a portal through our emotions, desires, and dreams. Perfume has held a core place in our rituals, from those celebrated in ceremony to even the most intimate ones of our daily lives. From medicine to magic, botanical essences have been a part of our lives for centuries. Engaging with them is akin to time travel, where we can smell and experience the same aromas our ancestors did, straight from the earth. Enveloping ourselves daily with the life force of botanicals through perfumery is one of the great pleasures of life, and engaging in the art of creating perfume is a reward in its own rite.