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Nomad Botanicals Carry-on Wellness Collection, including five different aromatherapy blends: Hive, Galaxy, Roots, Cocoon, and Nest. Image includes botanicals next to each product (Hive with Eucalyptus; Rose with Galaxy; Moss with Roots; Orange Slices with Cocoon; Lavender with Nest).

Display Unit: Carry-on Wellness Collection

Regular price $345.60

This wholesale offering includes: 30 units (6 x 5 aromatherapy blend SKU's) + 5 free testers (1 of each of 5 SKU's) + 1 display unit. The display unit is coming soon (ETA: Fall, 2023). Includes 6 of each 5 mL aromatherapy blend from the Carry-on Wellness Collection: Cocoon, Galaxy, Hive, Nest, and Roots. Wholesale Display Unit Investment: $345.60