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Hand Harvested

Sea Salt

Scott hand harvested this small batch of sea salt from his kayak and then dehydrated it for you to enjoy. Enriched with minerals from our Mendocino ocean, this gorgeous, pristine salt enhances food and cocktails with a local, artisanal flair.


Scott and our founder, Carole, have spent the last couple decades discovering treasures on land and sea from California to Morocco. They fell in love through their shared interest in distilling essential oils, and they continue to revel in sharing the bounty of nature through their artisanal experiences. Scott is a Certified Herbalist and an artisanal maker of such eclectic delights as: essential oils, hot sauce, beer, wine, kombucha, and magical gardens.


Enjoy 150 grams of hand harvested sea salt from Mendocino, CA.

(in glass jar with wooden spoon)

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