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Lulls you into restful sleep, like sinking into a cozy nest where warmth and dreams await you. Sleep restfully with this REM gem aromatherapy blend.


Apply to the back of your neck and to your wrists. To watch a restful sleep ritual featuring Nest, please click here.


Jojoba Oil-golden*; Essential Oils of Lavender*, Bergamot*, Roman Chamomile, Vetiver, Geranium; Jasmine Absolute (*organic)

Fluffy white bed to sleep in once Nest lulls you to sleep

Rest with Nest

Imagine yourself in a cozy nest, safe and warm where dreams come true. With each breath, breathe in the aromas of your dreamy bedtime ritual that will lull you into a state of restful sleep.

Create the Ritual

Apply to the back of your neck and to your wrists. Breathe in the aroma and nestle into the comfort of your bed like a nest built for you with love. With each breath, drift deep into slumber and the dreams you wish to manifest.

Nomad Botanicals NEST Rem Gem Essential Oil blend with organic cotton eye mask and lavender buds

Our Product Integrity

Premium single-origin essential oils ethically sourced.

30 years of aromatherapy experience with each formulation.

Made with intention to support you on your journey.

Key Ingredients

White jasmine flower surrounded by lush greenery


Regarded as an aphrodisiac with its deeply relaxing, narcotic-like effect.

Purple lavender stems and buds in deep blue sky


Lavender relaxes the nervous system and invites a deep sense of calm.

White and yellow Roman Chamomile flowers

Roman Chamomile

Like a warm cup of chamomile tea, this essential oil offers tranquility.

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