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3 Ways to Harness the Energy of Autumn

The Fall Equinox represents one of the most dramatic seasonal changes of the year. The green we have become accustomed to all summer transitions to paint the landscape in every shade of crimson, copper, and gold. Indeed, Autumn is as much a symbol of change as it is an alarm clock to fall into familiar patterns and traditions. From an early age, those changing fall leaves meant it was time to go back to school—back to the routines we rebelled against during the glory days of summer.

Whether in school or surrounded by families who are, we’re still primed to cultivate routines as September rolls around. And then to honor the comforting holiday traditions that dot the rest of the season. There is an art to leveraging the momentum of this wave, as we give ourselves permission to honor comfort and familiarity. Equinox, translating to “equal night” in Latin, is the time of year when day and night are equally long. This year it will occur on September 23rd in the northern hemisphere, and the nights will gradually become longer than the days until the Winter Solstice. As plants fold back into the earth after producing their bounty and nights begin to eclipse days, Autumn is a reminder of all elements in the cycle of life. It is a time to reflect and honor the brilliant colors and abundant harvests along with the quiet shadow moments that follow. By allowing ourselves to go within, following the cycle of the season, we enrich the tapestry of our lives.

Here are 3 Ways to Harness the Energy of Autumn



Nomad Botanicals 3 Ways to Harness the Energy of Autumn

Autumn is like an amusement park for the senses. The glowing palette of changing leaves is a showstopper. The whispers of the brisk Fall wind tickle the imagination, while the aromas bring us back to childhood as though we had never left. The comforting aroma of simmering spices, crackling fireplaces, and crunchy Fall leaves envelop us like a warm hug. Carving space to marvel at the dramatic sensory explosion of Fall offers us the opportunity to savor the emotions it elicits as much as the physical beauty. Draw on the inspiration of colorful Fall leaves to get you out of your comfy bed on those brisk Fall mornings. A perfect nature walk to start your day. To break the routine in your work or school day, stomp into a pile of crisp leaves and instantly become a kid again!


Nomad Botanicals 3 Ways to Harness the Energy of Autumn

If we follow the cues of nature, we can appreciate the Fall harvest as a symbol of nourishment and abundance. This is the time to nurture ourselves as we become more regimented in our daily routines and prepare for shorter days and colder nights. Root vegetables like sweet potatoes and turnips along with gourd fruits (often confused as vegetables) like pumpkins and squash are grounding, nutritional, and comforting this time of year. They support us in slowing down and taking respite from our busy, often chaotic days, which seem to overflow with deadlines and activities in the new semester. We can keep our joints lubricated by eating foods and oils high in healthy fats like olive and avocado. Our skin will also be nourished from the inside out with these healthy oils. We can further support our skin as the Fall winds promote dryness by applying nourishing oils through self-care rituals. We love using Everlush Anointing Oil to keep our skin soft and glowing from head to toe. Everlush is a special treat this time of year, as it is enriched with the seeds of Autumn's quintessential fruit, Pomegranate, whose mythical lore is as rich as the oil. The other two carrier oils in Everlush (Sunflower and Apricot Kernel) are produced from botanicals that complete an Autumn color palette next to Pomegranate. Gold, orange, and Autumn in a bottle.


Nomad Botanicals 3 Ways to Harness the Energy of Autumn

We can also take a cue from nature as we celebrate the Fall season with others. Whether we’re sharing a meal with friends and family or donating our time and gifts to those in need, this time of year is ideal for manifesting abundance as a reflection of nature’s bounty all around us. A unique treasure that captures the essence of Fall is our custom-made cinnamon box. It is made from the bark of cinnamon trees into a keepsake box to hold the diffuser oil collection that comes inside of it or anything else you fancy for yourself or wish to share with others (from seasonal herbs and spices to special stones, crystals, and beyond). Magic boxes have appeared in legends and tales throughout the ages. Whether they hold gifts, secret treasures, or special elements for mystical rituals, they offer excitement at the mere thought of opening them up. We created our own magic box at Nomad Botanicals. Our friends at Pure Black Inc. (in Santa Rosa, CA) put the final stamp on top of these rustic cinnamon boxes with their state of the art laser process. They say it makes their whole shop smell like Red Hots! During their first laser run, that sweet aroma inspired them to stage the photo above, highlighting some of Autumn's starlets. We are so grateful to work with this local business, sharing in the creation of our magical boxes. 

Nomad Botanicals 3 Ways to Harness the Energy of Autumn

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