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4 Ways to Layer Essential Oils for Daily Protection

It happened gradually…then suddenly.

Hemingway captured a universal truth with these famous words in his book, The Sun Also Rises, and they are echoed as loudly today as they were almost a century ago in 1926.  From the irony of natural disasters burning and flooding at once to the surreal pandemic that has defined our lives this year, nature is reminding us who is in charge. Like so many things that seem sudden, we can actually see the gradual buildup as we look in the rearview mirror.  

It seems that one thing we all share in common these days is a sense of mystery for what is to come. Hope can be found through believing that the gradually then suddenly phenomenon can happen both ways—for better as much as worse. By focusing on small moments, one gradual step at a time, we can manifest a shift toward days that will feel as suddenly bright as these days have felt suddenly dim.

Leaning into nature in all of its wisdom, along with its fury, has been helpful in this process. Nature is indeed a force capable of creating as much vitality as destruction. Stepping into the botanical armor that nature provides is a powerful way to restore a sense of protection from those elements that don’t serve us. Essential oils evolved in plants as protective mechanisms—to ward off pathogens, invaders, and anything that threatened the plant’s very survival, while also attracting beneficial elements to ensure its propagation. As protective from harm as they are inviting of benevolence, essential oils are like our very own botanical guardians. Suiting up with them is like taking on the world in chainmail armor with delicate flowers woven stronger than forged steel.

Our Daily Botanical Chainmail Wardrobe

The first layer begins with our luxurious Foaming Hand and Body Wash, infused with essential oils that are both antimicrobial and enchantingly aromatic. Some days call for the rejuvenating forest (Forest Sanctuary) while others call for a fresh herb garden (Fresh Cut) or a windswept journey through Provence (Wild Mistral).

The second layer continues with our Replenishing Skincare Ritual. With essential oils that are as grounding to the mind as they are elevating to the spirit (Sandalwood, Neroli, Frankincense, Helichrysum, Lavender, Carrot Seed, and Rose), these blends also nourish our largest organ—our skin—so we can take on the day with a glow from the inside out.

The third and fourth layers travel with us for botanical armor on-the-go. Our Cocoon Wellness Blend is woven with essential oils regarded for their antiviral properties. Sweet Orange, Black Spruce, Lavandin, and Bay Laurel protect us with unexpected strength like that of a silken cocoon. Applying to lymph nodes and on wrists allows the potent essential oils to protect from the outside in. Of special note, Bay Laurel has been long revered for its immune strengthening properties. Classically worn as a crown to symbolize victory, Bay Laurel (Laurus nobilis) has nobility in its very name. Its lore is as potent as its vibrant botanical chemistry, and it is particularly renowned for strengthening the immune system. 

With an essential oil blend similar to Cocoon, Sweet Orange, Black Spruce, and Lavender are the chainmail of our Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer. Like painting our hands with scented gloves, each spritz offers comforting protection, refreshment, and moisture to keep our hands open for all the beauty within our reach. 

“I’ll tell you how the sun rose, A ribbon at a time.”  ~ Emily Dickinson


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