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One Drop of Rose Absolute is Like a Garden of Roses

Roses are like the botanical version of gemstones...earthly gifts that are visually stunning, sensuous to the touch, and a timeless symbol of affection. Perhaps they even outshine the sparkliest of gems through their most glorious feature of all....aroma. The unmistakable smell of roses has inspired art throughout the ages, from poetry to perfumes. Simple and complex at once, the fragrance of a rose is a perfect perfume in itself. The range of fragrances is as diverse as the colors and shapes of these gorgeous flowers. A bouquet of heirloom roses would span the aroma spectrum, with each contributing its own unique note...spicy, powdery, creamy, earthy, fruity... And it's not specific enough to say just fruity; some roses smell like peaches, where others smell of citrus or pear or berries. Some even smell like other flowers...violet, lilac, and lily of the valley, to name a few.

Harvesting Rose Absolute flowers in Morocco

Travel Back in Time with Rose

How do roses know to create such a medley of desirable aromas? It may have something to do with the fact that they have lived on the planet for millions of years. According to fossil records, roses originated about 40 million years ago, and Mesopotamian records indicate that roses have been a part of our human experience for the past 5,000 years (*HerbalGram ref. below). Roses have an historical intelligence and wisdom that far predates us. It begs the question as to whether roses developed aromatic compounds over millions of years that we happen to find pleasing or whether we developed receptors for those very compounds that existed in roses long before we walked the earth.

Pink flower petals of Rose Absolute from Bulgaria

Create a Rose Sanctuary

Though it is difficult to replicate the sumptuous experience of smelling, touching, and seeing a rose straight from the garden, we can create a rose sanctuary anywhere, anytime by applying a single drop of its essence to our skin, the equivalent of three dozen roses. We would be in the presence of over 100 roses with four simple drops of Rose Absolute. Be transported to a velvety rose sanctuary with each breath as you take in the timeless beauty of the Queen of Flowers' aroma. Travel back in time as you experience this ancient botanical, which has connected with us for thousands of years...a magical living record of something that existed long before our species, millions of years ago. A symbol of beauty, resilience, wisdom, and love.

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*Reference: Hüsnü Can Baser, K. PhD; Altinas, Ayten PhD; Kürkcüoglu PhD. “Turkish Rose: A Review of the History, Ethnobotany, and Modern Uses of Rose Petals, Rose Oil, Rose Water, and Other Rose Products.” HerbalGram, #96, Winter 2012, pp. 40-53.

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