Sensory Rituals to Savor

Cleanse, Nourish, & Delight the Senses

Sanitize for
Healthy Hands

Antiviral essential oils & antiseptic ethanol (CDC compliant at 63%) do the heavy lifting with germs, while aloe vera moisturizes & botanical aromas treat the senses.

Thank You for Supporting Small Business

We are gratefully donating Hand Sanitizer to other small businesses: our local Farmers Market & The Botanical Bus.

Carry-on Wellness Collection

Support your overall wellbeing with aromatherapy blends formulated for the different destinations of your life.

Botanicals from Bag to Bottle

Clean the Air
around You

Transform your home into a sanctuary. Fill your sacred space with aromas from nature and literally clean the air around you with essential oils.

Refresh the Senses

Our sustainably sourced treasure box is custom made exclusively from cinnamon bark. Explore aroma journeys Nº 1 and Nº 2 nestled in a cinnamon box.

Best Sellers

Our Roots

Our products deliver the intelligence of plants to you, from head to toe. The vibrant botanical ingredients, including authentic essential oils, impart their aromas along with their vital life force into each drop.

Our Founder Carole brings to each formulation more than 25 years of experience in the aromatherapy and natural products field. She infuses her expertise with plant chemistry into each product to create poignant aromas, textures, and results.


Our collection is designed to transform routine moments into rituals at home or on-the-go. Whether you're traveling far away or through your day-to-day journey, the Nomad experience offers a sense of comfort and vitality. Globally inspired, locally crafted.

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