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Classic Fragrance Families & Accords

2.5 Hour Zoom Instruction with Blending Workshop (4 fragrance accords included with each class)

Explore the nuances of eight fragrance families, including their historical and cultural significance as well as the top, middle, and base notes that make each one unique. Experience individual essential oils and absolutes, and learn how they work together to make up each family. After selecting one family, you will construct your own perfume, built upon a specific accord and then embellished by your own creativity. Discover the vast world of perfumery through eight classic fragrance families: Amber, Chypre, Citrus, Fougère, Floral, Gourmand, Woody, Soliflore.

Part 1: This class explores four classic fragrance families: Citrus, Chypre, Fougère, Floral
Part 2: This second class explores four classic fragrance families: Amber, Gourmand, Woody, Soliflore


  • Online Class via Zoom
  • Some Natural Perfumery or Aromatherapy Knowledge Encouraged: We will be focusing on specific fragrance familes. The material will still be interesting for people with no background in the area but will be even more valuable with some context. Though it is not a prerequisite We encourage you to begin your perfume journey with the Introductory Botanical Perfumery Class.
  • Materials: You will receive the four fragrance family accords (5 mL each) that correspond with the class you register for (Part 1 or Part 2). You will receive eight accords if you register for both blasses. In class, we will modify one of the accords together with essences from the botanical organ, available in the Botanical Perfume Kit This kit includes everything you'll need to blend in class and afterwards in your perfumery practice. Whether you order the kit from us or source the materials elsewhere, your experience in class will be enhanced by having them with you during class.


Our Nomad Botanicals Founder, Carole Addison-Goyne, has been in the aromatherapy, botanical perfumery, and natural products field for the past three decades. She has been fortunate to study with world-renowned mentors along her path, including Kurt Schnaubelt, PhD and Mandy Aftel, who are both international authorities and best-selling authors in their fields. Carole apprenticed and worked with Kurt Schnaubelt, PhD for years, teaching aromatherapy certification seminars and overseeing his essential oil business. Carole has also received several Natural Perfumery Slow Scent® Certifications from Mandy Aftel and continues to find some of her greatest joy in teaching about this timeless craft. Additionally, Carole was influenced by the pioneering botanical legacy of Horst Rechelbacher during her 15-year tenure as an executive with Aveda.


Through the years, Carole and her husband, Scott, have distilled essential oils in Northern California, and they were also engaged in the development of bringing to market medicinal and aromatic plants from Morocco, through a USAID project. In the midst of all of these endeavors, Carole earned her MBA and also followed her nose to Aveda where she spent 15 years in an executive leadership role. Through Carole's collective experiences, the concept of Nomad Botanicals was born. With a dream team beside her, the Nomad journey continues to evolve with vibrancy each day. Creating and sharing high quality aromatherapy lifestyle products with people around the world is Carole's dream come true.


Outside of Nomad Botanicals, Carole is a Director on the Board of Directors for HenHouse Brewing Company, which she and her husband co-founded after converting some of their essential oil stills into brewing equipment. She has also dedicated herself to community service, from chairing the MBA Alumni Forum at Sonoma State University in recent years to her current stewardship, serving as Secretary on the Board of the Sonoma Valley Certified Farmers' Market. Carole's involvement in her local community reflects her core values of being grateful and giving back.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Perfect Little Workshops

I really appreciate the way Carole has prepared and broken down some of the more advanced knowledge of working with essential oils in these easy to absorb and interactive class workshop formats.
They are packed with information and so much fun!

Richard Bird
Botanical Perfumery Class

Enjoyed the class very much.... Carole stears you through the complexed yet delicate essential oils and absolutes, giving the history of use's to present day. With the perfumed accords to help and create your own unique blend..The time just flew by. Before you know it, the class ended...But Carole did stay to help with extra blending. Can't wait until the next class...