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The Art & Science of Functional Perfumes

1-Hour Zoom Instruction

Build a bridge between beauty and function as you discover both the enchanting and protective elements of essential oils and absolutes. We will cover aromatherapy principles that explain why essential oils heal and protect us, exploring their physical, mental, and emotional benefits, while also learning how to create formulas, including absolutes, that become perfumes with a purpose. After smelling and learning about the properties of over 20 essences (essential oils and absolutes), you will create a functional perfume.


  • Online Class via Zoom
  • All Levels Welcome: This class is part of our Scent Series, which has been designed to inspire people at all levels. However, we encourage you to begin your perfume journey with the Introductory Botanical Perfumery Class.
  • No Materials Required: You do not need to bring anything to this Zoom class, though we invite you to explore The Botanical Perfumery Kit with all of the materials you will need to begin your botanical perfume journey, and they will serve you in your perfumery practice long afterwards.


Our Nomad Botanicals Founder, Carole Addison-Goyne, has been in the botanical perfumery and aromatherapy field for 30 years. Early on, she set off to become a perfumer after being inspired by one of her original mentors, Meg DeWeese. She studied chemistry in preparation for her dream of attending the prestigious perfume school, ISIPCA in Versailles. After visiting the school and delving deeper into the field, Carole discovered that while she was enticed by the romance of becoming an official "Nose" by following a traditional perfumery path, her true passion existed in the world of botanical essences vs. synthetic ones. Carole embraced this change of direction and was fortunate to study with world renowned mentors along her path. She apprenticed and worked with Kurt Schnaubelt for years and eventually taught aromatherapy certification classes with him. Carole was also influenced by the pioneering botanical legacy of Horst Rechelbacher during her 15-year tenure as an executive with Aveda. She has journeyed through multiple Slow Scent® Natural Perfumery Certifications with Mandy Aftel and is honored to share Mandy's legendary natural perfume concepts with you!

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