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How Essential Oils Can Transform Your Mood

Think back to a time when you were all of a sudden flooded by a cascade of pure bliss. Maybe it was right after a rollercoaster ride or even when you traveled to a magical place in your meditation. It's that moment when everything seems like it is painted in technicolor, and even the ground feels different beneath your feet...a flood of bliss through the release of dopamine. Neurotransmitters like dopamine are chemical messengers that travel through our nervous system and bind to receptors. Like a key perfectly fitting into a lock, the neurotransmitter/receptor interaction unlocks feelings and moods instantly. Essential oils have the ability to bind to receptors, thereby enhancing the effect that would normally be reserved for the specific transmitter in our nervous system intended for that receptor.

 Nomad Botanicals Nest Sleep Support Essential Oil Blend with lavender

A Vast Selection of Keys for the Same Lock

Since essential oils existed in plants before humans walked the earth, we co-evolved with them and, therefore, recognize them organically. Caring for our mental health and overall wellness involves a synergy of elements such as proper nutrition, exercise, restful sleep, enriching relationships, living a life of purpose, and the sensory pleasures that we receive from wonders like essential oils to enhance our mood...a wonderful solution when we are not able to travel to a happy place via meditation or riding the rollercoaster. From a fairly universal physiological standpoint, this occurs through their interaction with our receptor system. On a unique personal level, there is a whole spectrum of essential oils to choose from to impact a given mood, based on our preferences, within a given collection of oils suited for a particular function.


Aromatherapy as a healing modality is especially breathtaking in the unique way we each interact with essential oils, based on our individual preferences and lived experiences. Though an essential oil like Clary Sage may have a soothing effect on anxiety, based on its neurotransmitter/receptor activity, someone may have a better experience with a different anxiolytic like Lavender or Roman Chamomile, because of the favored memories or emotions it triggers over Clary Sage for that person. There are many different essential oils for us to choose from when searching for the perfect lock & key system as a balm to what ails us. This is the law of abundance that exists so beautifully in nature. Stress can look different for different people. Citrus oils can trigger an uplifting feeling for some people, while floral oils will do so for others. Still both Sweet Orange and Rose will have an effect in lifting mood, much like serotonin would, and the beauty is in our choice. We can wear our medicine in a uniquely personal and sensual way, and no spoonfuls of sugar are required, as those ephemeral essential oils waft from botanicals like exquisite perfumes in and of themselves.

 Nomad Botanicals Carry-on Wellness Collection of 5 essential oil blends with botanicals and a bag

Essential Oils to Support Your Emotions

The Carry-on Wellness Collection was inspired by the ever-changing journey of our lives and the way our needs and desires shift along the way. The aromatherapy blends were designed to support the transformations we experience as we travel, whether far away or throughout our day-to-day journeys through life.


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