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How Essential Oils Can Transform Your Mood

Think back to a time when you were all of a sudden flooded by a cascade of pure bliss. Maybe it was right after a rollercoaster ride or even when you traveled to a magical place in your meditation. It's that moment when everything seems like it is painted in technicolor, and even the ground feels different beneath your feet...a flood of bliss through the release of dopamine. Neurotransmitters like dopamine are chemical messengers that travel through our nervous system and bind to receptors. Like a key perfectly fitting into a lock, the neurotransmitter/receptor interaction unlocks feelings and moods instantly. Essential oils have the ability to bind to receptors, thereby enhancing the effect that would normally be reserved for the...

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These 5 Rituals Can Transform Your Day

The weight of the world can feel pretty heavy these days in its various historic manifestations. Where can we find some moments of magic to restore our sense of hope and wellness when the straws of stress continue to pile on our backs, and how do we prevent that last straw from breaking us? It is reassuring to remember that we can focus on five of the most essential elements of our human condition to alleviate stress: breath, nourishment, movement, cleansing, and sleep. Merriam-Webster defines stress as “constraining force or influence”. A key to melting stress is finding a way to ease out of those constraints, and few things enhance the process like botanicals. Experience the restorative benefits of essentials...

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One Drop of Rose Absolute is Like a Garden of Roses

Roses are like the botanical version of gemstones...earthly gifts that are visually stunning, sensuous to the touch, and a timeless symbol of affection. Perhaps they even outshine the sparkliest of gems through their most glorious feature of all....aroma. The unmistakable smell of roses has inspired art throughout the ages, from poetry to perfumes. Simple and complex at once, the fragrance of a rose is a perfect perfume in itself. The range of fragrances is as diverse as the colors and shapes of these gorgeous flowers. A bouquet of heirloom roses would span the aroma spectrum, with each contributing its own unique note...spicy, powdery, creamy, earthy, fruity... And it's not specific enough to say just fruity; some roses smell like peaches,...

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These 4 Botanicals Have Brilliance at Their Core

The plants and botanicals that surround us are not just full of beauty, they also have brilliance rooted in their DNA made for survival. From the roots that grow as deep as branches grow tall, to the resin that trees produce to heal themselves, the intelligence of plants is ever so strong and present.

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The Magic of Helichrysum italicum Essential Oil

One of the most awe-inspiring aspects of botanicals is that they carry the unique properties of the life force that helped them survive in their origin. Helichrysum, known as Everlasting or Immortelle, has a strong will to bloom vibrant yellow flowers in hot, dry terrain. The color and aroma of the dried flowers remain vibrant for decades, and the essential oil has a time-defying effect as well. 

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