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These 4 Botanicals Have Brilliance at Their Core

The plants and botanicals that surround us are not just full of beauty, they also have brilliance rooted in their DNA made for survival. From the roots that grow as deep as branches grow tall, to the resin that trees produce to heal themselves, the intelligence of plants is ever so strong and present. When plants are distilled down into essential oils and absolutes, their strong life force and will to survive stays a part of their DNA. Discover these 4 botanicals that have brilliance at their core:


Frankincense resin before distilled into essential oil


The very purpose for the resin is to heal the wounds of the tree from which it comes. When the tree is injured from damage to the bark or harsh environmental conditions, the resinous gum is secreted to heal and also protect it from pathogens, invaders, or further damage to its vulnerable wound. Countless testimonials abound at how Frankincense essential oil is healing to our skin in much the same way it is to the tree. Like a guardian and a warrior at once, it is no wonder Frankincense is as highly regarded for its ability to elevate the spirit along with caring for our mortal bodies. Breathe in the beauty of this time-honored resin, and visualize it nurturing your skin and spirit just as it protects and heals its mother tree. 

 Vetiver roots in dirt before distilled into essential oil


Vetiver pours from the bottle as thick as honey yet rubs into the skin, leaving behind a softness as velvety as its aroma. This magical essential oil is distilled from the roots of a tall grass that grows in places like Indonesia, India, Java, Madagascar, Haiti, and El Salvador, with each region producing its own unique color, texture, and aroma. Vetiver roots stretch vast distances, smelling their way through the underground world and synthesizing their discoveries into aromatic brilliance. The roots are celebrated for myriad purposes, beyond essential oil distillation. They are used pragmatically to help prevent erosion in the wet terrains of their native regions. They are also crafted into lovely baskets as well as mats & window shades to keep tropical homes cool.

Helichrysum flowers before distilled into essential oil


It is no wonder that Helichrysum has been coined through the ages with the names Everlasting and Immortelle, as a tribute to the aroma that remains in the buds for years and years, long after the flowers have been harvested from the ground. Such names also speak to the character of this botanical. It is among the most important essential oils we have discovered as humans. Countless testimonials from people around the world speak to the profound regenerative properties of this precious oil. From skin care benefits to scar diminishment to relief from various kinds of trauma, Helichrysum seems to be illuminated with everlasting life force. Liquid gold is another name to describe this gift from the earth.


Lavender field of flowers before distilled into essential oil


The word Lavender is derived from the Latin word lavare, which means "to wash".True Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) induces deep relaxation, due to its content of coumarins. Beyond its blissful aroma and calming benefits, it has profound antimicrobial and antiviral properties. Nature's disinfectant. It is perhaps the single most important essential oil to have with you at all times for the benefits it can impart upon your body, mind, and emotions.

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